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Revisiting Ancient Construction and Rethinking Scale

The RAMMED EARTH STUDIES are sculptures made from a mix of rammed earth. The objects imitate the construction technique used in Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali. The earth, extracted on-site, is intensively stamped into a building block mould. The same technique is applied when making the rammed earth studies.
Our mixture, made out of Belgian soil, is stamped into custom-developed moulds. Through its particular composition, the objects get their unique and recognisable aesthetic.

The RAMMED EARTH STUDIES investigate predetermined techniques and reconstruct them on a different scale. Taking its inspiration from large-scale construction projects, each piece now lives on as a contemporary nod to its imposing history.

material: rammed earth + additives
colour : black pigmented

CURVE side table:
width : 113 cm
depth : 15 cm  
height : 45 cm
weight : +- kg

1/2 CURVE side table:
width : 56 cm
depth : 15 cm  
height : 45 cm
weight : +- kg

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* Each piece is handmade and can show irregularities. These signify the beauty of the handcraft.

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